What do we need to consider if we decide to upload a customized booth (CAD render)? Any risks we need to be aware of?

For customized booths, you will need to send us the completed image as a PSD or PDF file. We will upload this for you.

Are we free to choose a booth template? If so, how much could this be customized (e.g. colour and logo)?

This depends on your exhibitor package. Usually top sponsors can choose an own template. However, your company logo is always customized, but not the colour of the booth.

How to add content to your booth?

You can add several contents to your booth e.g. documents, brochures, videos etc. Please find a guideline on how to set up contents and assign them to your booth below. Various contents can be set up in the Content Library. To add a content you have to: 1. Click on the content library in the menu panel on the left hand side 2. Click on add content 3. Choose content type e.g. video, chat etc. 4. Choose a source where the content comes from or upload the content 5. Fill in the missing mandatory information (marked with a *) e.g. name of the content, description etc. Recommendation Videos can be viewed best when specifying when uploading to content library: Target: iFrame Dimensions: 600 wide and 400high PDF documents can be viewed best when specifying when uploading to content library: Target: iFrame Dimensions: 800 wide and 700/800 high

Are there limits on “clicks & shares” for the template booths and/or the customized booth?

Yes, depending on your exhibitor package. For further information, please refer to the package description.

Can each screen on a booth support various file types (e.g. a menu function or rotating display)?

Depending on the type of content action you choose. Content Window is the most flexible, and will allow you to place several file types behind this.

How do we best display our contact details for delegates to leave questions, especially if we do not want a chat function? Will we still need someone to monitor the booth?

This is best done through the info card. You will receive an email to your inbox that someone has clicked your info card with contact details of the individual. You can then follow up via email to reach out to the delegate.

What format of contents can I upload in a virtual booth?

The variety of functionalities depends on the sponsorship level. Please refer to the Exhibitor Manual for further information. Generally, all types of format are accepted (videos, PDF, html...).

What are the opportunities/restrictions around viewing and downloading content?

All information uploaded is free for viewing and downloading. There is no way to restrict this.

Is there an overall exhibit feedback form for visitors or are companies encouraged to share their own?

No, there is no such form provided. However, you could include a survey as part of your booth content.

Is a Word Document acceptable for submission to vendor in an interactive quiz?

Surveys need to be created in an external platform by the sponsor. It is not possible to create a survey within the virtual environment. Please refer to the Exhibitor Manual for information how to set up a survey at your booth.

How do we best include interactive content (e.g. quizzes and surveys hosted on other sites)? Is there a limit on hyperlinks?

All surveys/ quizzes need to be developed on an external site, there is no possibility to do this within the platform. You then set up a click action with the reference to the external URL. Delegates clicking your survey icon will then be taking to the external URL to take part in the survey. One click action can be linked to 1 hyperlink.

What info do we get and retain about booth visitors?

This is collected in the booth report visitor account. It will show you the number of delegates that visited your booth, however no information on who those delegates are is included. The only way to receive information on a delegate (i.e. email address) is if they request a meeting via the info card.

How to add booth representatives?

You can add members of your team who are already registered as attendees at the conference to become booth representatives. To add them you have to: 1. Enter your virtual room (booth environment) 2. Edit booth 3. Go to extras in the upper right panel 4. Add representative by searching their name or email address (only works with registered attendees)