5. Interaction with delegates


5.1 Standard Chat

The most standard chat form with delegates is to make use of the 1:1 chat function available in the platform. Please watch the video below for how this looks like. 



5.2 Moderated Chat

The moderated chat refers to a public chat forum. Delegates can pose questions and remarks for your booth representatives. Booth representatives that are also assigned as moderated chat admins can answer these questions. Once answered, the question and answer become public for all other users using this moderated chat. 


5.3 Public Chat

The public chat is similar to the moderated chat without the option of selecting or "moderating" the questions posed. It is not a recommended tool. 


5.4 E-mail

It is possible to also send e-mails within the exhibition platform. This is a great alternative to a chat which requires active online users on both ends of the conversation. Learn how to send these with the video below.


5.5 Video Chat

Learn how to add a video chat to your booth with the video below. 


5.6 Broadcast Messages

Within the exhibition platform, a broadcast message refers to a push notification. You can set push notifications to appear in your virtual booth at specific times. This is a great way to advertise a symposium or session that your company is hosting at the conference.