3. Graphic Specifications


3.1 Custom Renderings

Custom renderings give you the opportunity to make use of any design idea that you have. There are a few restrictions:


  • Stay within the marked areas of the guideline picture

  • Keep the safe area in mind. This is the area that can be seen 100% on any device. Everything outside the safe area might be cut off if the screen used by the delegate is too small. 



3.2 Custom Thumbnails

If you are creating your own booth template, please note that you will also need to create a thumbnail to be displayed in the Exhibition Hall. If using one of the pre-defined templates, the thumbnail will be automatically provided.

The size of the thumbnail has to be 200 x 200 Pixel. It does not have to display you entire booth, you could choose certain angels or you could use only your logo in this size. We recommend to include your logo in the thumbnail for better visibility.

Please find below a sample thumbnail. 


3.3 Picture format & size

We support all formats and pictures. Please keep in mind the following recommendations:

1. Do not use very large pictures in terms of bit size. Depending on the internet connection it may take longer to load. 

2. Use .png format when implementing a picture with transparent background or a .gif

3. Use .gif for moving pictures 

4. Use a high resolution in all images