2. Advanced booth set up



2.1 Booth description 

Add a short description to your booth. This will appear in the Exhibition Hall when the mouse is over the booth thumbnail. 


2.2 Booth filters

Another way to optimise how delegates can find your booth in the Exhibition Hall. Please refer to your exhibition manual if this function is available. The exact filters are pre-defined by the Congress Organiser. 


2.3 Location key

The location key creates a unique URL of your booth for your customers to arrive directly at your booth.


2.4 Notification/Doorbell

Learn how to receive a notification about a delegate entering your booth and when you are not logged into the system.


2.5 Pop up message booth entry

Learn how to set up a pop up message for when delegates enter your booth. This is often used as warning disclaimers. 


2.6 Info Card

The info card activates the booth representative dashboard. Only to be used if booth representatives will be active at your booth.


2.7 Intro Video 

An alternative to pop up messages is to play an introduction video. Please note that only either pop-up messages or introduction videos can be set. One function will cancel out the other.